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National Sibling Day

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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This past Wednesday was the “National Sibling Day”. I had no idea of this fact until I saw it posted all over social media sites. I guess it didn’t make it on my calendar. Without knowing the special occasion that was to be the following week, three of my favorite people in the world and myself went to Texas de Brazil on a Saturday evening. I can’t tell you how much we all ate. I was glorious the amount of meat we consumed.  I love me some meat!


The best thing about it was the time with family. No matter what the occasion or the situation, we always find a way to have fun and/or come close to getting arrested. I am thankful for the times we have had to spend together. You really don’t want me to talk about the trip to Oklahoma City in a rental car. What happens in the rental, stays in the rental.  “Take it . . . take it . . . take it and go”. All I have to say is, “Oklahoma School for the Deaf“. Too much fun.

I say all that to get to this part. Our Music Minister and Executive VP of Trinity Baptist Bible College, Dr. Sam Reed, spoke in chapel. His youngest granddaughter, Savannah, passed a little bit over a week ago. He shared with us how specific passages of scripture in the Bible helped certain family members navigate this troubling time. Dr. Reed spoke with such tender compassion and love it was flowing from his heart straight to us who were listening. I was engaged in his prose, but I was disconnected emotionally. I could feel the room was emotional, yet I was callused and cold. I was aware of this. My thoughts said, “What’s wrong with you, Isaac. You should be sad. You should at least feel something.” As chapel continued, I prayed. I asked God to touch my heart and soften it. I don’t remember much past this point.

God answered my prayer. This thought crossed my mind: What if your two sister (Jennifer and Angie) and your brother (Tim) were to be taken away from you? I don’t know how or why this came to me. A switch was flipped in my heart and the emotion poured out. For what seemed like the rest of the chapel time, my cheeks flowed with tears. I could feel the dampness of my shirt collar that was the collector of them. I still was attentive but I was there. I was feeling something that was somewhat like what Dr. Reed was feeling. As soon as chapel dismissed I darted toward the back door. I prayed and thanked God for my family and each of my siblings.

My life would truly be empty without them. Sure, I have friends. I also have a church family who I love dearly. Nothing compares, however, to the ones who know me best and have seen me experience life. You can’t substitute the hours spent in the back of a station wagon for months at a time or the countless meals spent together. There is nothing like comforting each other at the passing of grandparents or looking through old photo albums together making fun of each other’s (mainly Angie’s) hair styles. Family is so precious. I don’t think I would want to live as an only child. Maybe getting ALL the presents under the Christmas Tree would be nice, but not nice enough.

Jennifer, Thank you for pretty much supporting me while I came over for college and letting me put an ungodly amount of miles on your car while we used to carpool. I bet you were happy when I got a car.

Angie, Thank you for showing me what not to do. Just Kidding! You have become such a cool mom and I love that I get some great nieces to love on.

Tim, Thank you for being one of my closed friends that I can’t stand. You are the same always. You don’t change.

I love all of you guys and I don’t know what I’d do without you. I can say that you guys have successfully made me a bit CROOKED!