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Imagine, you are stranded on a desert island. All alone. Seriously, you have no cell service, Starbucks or restrooms. The sun relentlessly beats down on your skin that is accustomed to being indoors. What is there to do? Stroll down the sandy beaches and ponder the deeper things in life. Alone.

You think of life choices that have brought you to this actuality. Maybe boarding a cruise liner named “The Titanic 2” wasn’t the best choices you’ve ever made. Why am I single? Why did I only pack winter clothes on the Caribbean cruise? Milk was a bad choice. It’s so hot!

As you spiral down in to a state of self pity, you trip in the sand and eat a rather large mouthful of sand. You bite your tounge and hold back the string of expletives, then look to see the cause of your stumble. It’s a lamp. Just like and protagonist in a joke about three wishes would, you pick it up, dust it of and vigorously rub it. Just as expected, out pops a genie! (Remember: the first word of this post was “imagine”)

The benevolent figment of our collective imaginations, knowing you are single, grants you one wish. However, it is a very specific one. The genie allows you to, in great detail, design your ideal, lifelong partner. JACKPOT! DING! DING! DING! Talk about awesome. Most guys would not even think of that and wish for a million dollars, a Lamborghini or a man cave to rival the Taj Mahal. (I have no idea what a lady would wish for, maybe makeup or cloths or some nonsense)


Had this have been me back in early 2013, I am pretty sure that I would have come up with a pretty detailed list of traits, physical attributes, and moral details of my ideal mate. I would have come up with someone pretty specific. I could have designed a pretty clear representation of who I thought would make me happy. The key is “who I thought”.

In the past eleven months, I have spent much time and effort in getting to know the person who is now my fiancé. WE have learned many, many things about each other. I know, without a doubt, that she is fully capable and willing to make me happy. She already does. She is perfect for me. However, if you would compare her to the imaginary “Build-A-Girl” I described, they would be shockingly different. There would be some very important similarities: morality, religion, political beliefs and such. On the other hand, we’d find many disparities.

The astounding fact is that there are some things about her that I absolutely adore. So, many things. Things that eleven or twelve months ago I would have no idea would be so attractive to me. I love the way she tilts her head to the side and looks at the wall or ceiling while she thinks and talks. I love the smacking sound she makes sometimes as a conversational punctuation. I love how friendly and personal she is with friends, family and strangers alike. Her singing while doing dishes is to die for. These things make her unimaginably attractive to me. And all of these things would not have made it in the final version of my “Build-a-Wife” project.

Now, lets bring this thing to a point. In my very strict, Baptist youth group, I heard many pastors and speakers say that you need to make a list of all the things that you want in a wife/husband. Pray over that list. Be specific. Don’t settle for anything less than what is on your list. Now, I agree with the idea of that wholeheartedly. I do! But, had I written a list as an adolescent, hormone driven dude, who knows what concoction I would have produced. I chuckle to myself at the thought. I imagine a mutated version sold-out christian girl that looks like and early 90s Jennifer Anniston and Sandra Bullock combo.

I like the idea of knowing what you are looking for in a mate. My only addition to that would be, keep the list as short as you can. Don’t get so specific that you know his/her favorite color and food. Know your deal breakers and the major traits you seek. I can attest that God can fill in the blanks that you don’t even know exist. God is a creative Being. Just look out your window. He made that. He made it in less than a week. I think He knows what you need. He knows better than you do.

Come to find out, I am VERY attracted to freckles. 🙂