School Assignment: The Interwebz

Posted: November 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Fifteen years ago, I would have never foreseen the ubiquity of the internet. Then, I was familiar with it, but I used it to download pictures to save as my desktop background. I would use the internet to download music or email friends (that used to be cool). Reminiscing, I realize that the internet was a supplement to the offline world. It was a tool to enhance your computer between the moments when you waited while the obnoxious electronic sounds of the dial-up modem.

Today, it is a whole new ballgame for me. It seems the predominate purpose of the computer or mobile device it to access the internet. My Google Chrome web browser stays open for days or weeks before I close it. It is more important for me to see the LTE symbol on my cell phone that to see if I have five bars of cellular reception. I feel that I am deprived of a necessity of life when Google won’t tell me the definition of the word ‘syllogism’ or who won the 1983 World Series.

For me, the internet is truly a portal to information. If I want some tips on running, a recipe for a new breakfast dish or learn how to factor for my algebra class, I search YouTube. Should I need to know what some of my long distance friends are up to, I just look at their Facebook or Instagram. I know, it’s a bit creepy. But, on that note, this informational portal has opened many avenues connecting me with my friends. I even use a really awesome app on my phone to sing with my brother and other friends from across the country.

Probably the most influential role this superhighway of information has played in my life is that of connecting my wife and I. Yes, we met online. If you had been reading my blog a few years ago, you would know this now. The internet did not foster our relationship but it facilitated emails, skype calls, cyber-stalking (she’s a pro by the way) and even the purchase of airfare to meet her the first time.

The internet has drastically changed my life, not only the way I get and process information and communicate, but it has introduced me to some real world, life-altering friendships.


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