(Chapter 2) Not a lot to work with

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Since I had been using a combination of two dating sites, I was pretty accomplished at studying a girl’s profile to find the flaws and assess her personality. After reading, and re-reading her profile, I formed the opinion that she was a beautiful person. Seriously, who volunteers to work overseas with orphans and doesn’t have an awesome soul? She seemed educated because she used complete sentences and from what I can remember proper grammar and punctuation. This made her jump of the page in comparison to other girls’ profiles. (I’m a grammar Nazi)  She appeared to be a down-to-earth girl with whom I could get along. Things were looking good.

Another way that she differed from other girls was she only had one picture. Some didn’t have but one picture but it was rare. Most would show off or reveal too much of themselves. However, Anna had the one. She was adorable. But, just one? I wanted more. One picture can speak volumes, but one picture can’t tell all. I needed to see if this was just the best picture, or fake, misleading or otherwise not forthcoming. I had nowhere to go to find more. I have some sophisticated creeping skills but I had only a picture and few words to work with.

I don’t remember when I got her reply, but I think that it was one evening at work. I was thrilled to read simple words dripping with sarcasm. That’s my language. I speak it fluently. I liked the subject matter as well. She said something like this:

I’m sorry, but I make it a personal rule not to talk to guys who don’t have pictures posted of themselves in bathroom mirrors.  I hope you’ll understand.

A woman after my own heart. Were I a girl, I would have probably said something to that effect. I paused, briefly, to make sure she was indeed joking. Nothing from her profile suggested otherwise. I, being quick on my feet, replied with something like this:

Oh, wow! If you’ll forgive me, I’ll see if I can fix this. I can’t believe I overlooked it.

I’m sure it was longer than that and opened the door to more dialogue, but I don’t remember. Over the next couple days we would write multiple times daily. Short. Superficial. She was very vague and guarded. I recognized this and proceeded carefully. One night after work (4am or so and sometime around noon for her) we chatted for quite some time. I was supposed to be studying for a mid term or something. I remember buying a bunch of energy drinks and bugles at Quick Trip. We delved deeper into some topics while remaining vague. She wouldn’t divulge her whereabouts, and I didn’t blame her. I figured she was in eastern Europe. I told her my history as a missionary’s kid in Romania.

We chatted during the week and began to learn more about each other. I was impressed. I knew she was a beauty on the inside but that one profile pic gave me little to work with. One day much later, I admitted to her that I am superficial and after seeing more pictures of her I told her that she met my superficiality test. However, in that moment, I could tell that she wasn’t ugly. I told you, I’m superficial. I was growing closer and closer to the internal awesomeness that she couldn’t hide even if she tried. I was ok with that.


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