(Chapter 1) She’s not there . . .

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m not quoting one of my favorite oldie songs by the Animals. Really, I’m not. This statement is simply what I thought. I looked constantly, thoroughly. I may have even looked under a few rocks along the way.  I searched in church. I looked outside of church.  I looked in Texas. I looked all over the world. She was nowhere to be found. So, I looked in the last place in the world where potential mates are found; the INTERNET. (GASP) I will pause for a moment for the thought to sink in. I, Isaac Ingram, searched the internet to find a wife. I’m guilty, but resist the urge to lock me up in a padded room with a white jacket with abnormally long sleeves. Please.

You know, the crazy part is, it actually worked. Ooooooops! Now you don’t have to read the whole blog. I just saved you some time. However, that’s just the crazy part. If you want to know the AMAZINGLY awesome stuff, you must read on. Some incredible stuff took place. Read on. You won’t regret it.

March 2013

I was attending Bible College in my home town of Arlington, Texas. I was also working a full-time job (which included 10-20 hours of overtime). On top of that I was in the Marine Corps Reserves one weekend out of every month. Needless to say, I had tons of extra time to date and meet people. (yes, this is what I like to call ‘sarcasm’, and I had NO TIME to spare) I had experimented in the past with online dating. I used a “christian” site and met a few ladies along the way but nothing at all resulted from it. I rarely would initiate contact with anyone because 9 out of 10 times their profile would turn me off. There were a few rare profiles that didn’t make me want to run and hide. I would correspond with the occasional young lady who seemed nice. Most of the time it would go a week or so and then fizzle out.

I had really given up and looking at these sites was a pastime I used to prove to myself that she actually wasn’t anywhere to be found. She wasn’t, and I knew it, or so I thought. My online dating service of choice would alert me when my profile was viewed. I always looked to see who was ‘creeping’ on me. Her only picture was obscure, but showed promise of an attractive girl. I read her information and contented to the “about me” section and read . . . and read . . . and read some more. She wrote quite a bit, without giving me much info. But, I liked what I read. She vaguely mentioned missions in eastern Europe and some stuff about church. It was more than enough to warrant writing to her.

I wrote something like this:

Hi, I’m Isaac. I read your profile and it seems that we have quite a bit in common. I actually grew up in Romania as a kid. My dad was a missionary there. I’m very involved in my church and I’m currently attending Bible College. I think it would be really enjoyable to see what else we may have in common. Feel free to write me any time.


For future reference, none of our correspondence is currently availible for reviewing. I think there was some fluke deletion of tons of our communiqué. Oh, well. My first message to her may have been a little longer but I wanted her to know that I actually read the information in her profile. It isn’t a rare thing to write girl and never hear anything back. I wasn’t expecting anything at all. But, she did stand out from 99.9% of the profiles I had previewed.  I wrote. I waited.


Have you ever used a dating site? Have you ever met anyone in person from a dating site? Comment below and let me know about your experience.


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